Six planets and the waning Hunter Moon will be visible in the sky this week

(ORDO NEWS) — This week will be a real boon for scientists, because six planets will be visible in the sky at once, which can be studied in more detail. Also, the attention of astronomers is attracted by the waning Moon of the Hunter.

If you look at the sky very early in the morning, you can see Venus with the naked eye, as well as Mercury, which from Earth will seem very tiny. In the evenings, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in the night sky. At the very end of the week, Uranus will also appear, which will no longer be blocked by the light of the waning moon. It is worth noting that if the sky is clear, then it will be simply unrealistic not to notice Venus, because it will become the brightest visible star in the morning sky.

It will be possible to see Mars with a telescope. If you move your gaze a little lower to the horizon, then Mercury will also open up. In this case, Venus will be larger and brighter than Mercury by about 70 times.

Mercury will be best seen in the northern hemisphere, especially in the US and UK. Jupiter and Mars can be viewed only after sunset. Immediately after sunset, they will be the brightest objects in the night sky. Jupiter will be clearly visible in the western half of the sky, and Mars in

Eastern. On Tuesday evening, Saturn and Jupiter will appear together in the southwestern part of the sky at the same time.

On November 8, the moon will be waning and therefore only a small part of its surface will appear in the night sky. Astronomers say this is the best time to take a close look at all the planets and, in particular, Uranus, which until then will be hidden by moonlight. It is worth noting that the full moon was on October 31st and after that the Hunter’s Moon begins to gradually decrease.


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