The guy visited the astral plane and found love in the real world

(ORDO NEWS) — The man said that as a result of the accident, he got into the astral plane. But there were no horrors. He flew over the city, looked into the house of an unfamiliar girl and was able to save her from the robbers. After the man woke up, it turned out that all this was in fact.

On the night of 1990, Tom Slemen was driving home on his bike. It was raining heavily, and the guy was driving at high speed through a dangerous section of the road in Liverpool. As a result, he lost control and ended up in a ditch.

Tom woke up in the hospital. He heard what the doctors said about the presence of several fractures and a rather serious back injury, after which it will take a very long time to recover. At the same time, the operation was carried out quite successfully. Then the guy was given an injection and he fell asleep again.

Then Tom fell asleep and had a very strange dream. He flew over the night area of ​​Woolton, which is located in Liverpool. All but one of the windows were dark. The guy approached the window and saw a red-haired young girl who was reading a book. Then someone called her and so Tom found out that her name was Taylor. So the guy flew in the night sky for a long time and then woke up again in the hospital.

The next night it all happened again. Only Tom heard some suspicious noise near Taylor’s house and saw a man holding a crowbar. He immediately woke up in the hospital and asked the nurse to call the police at Taylor. Although the nurse could hardly believe Tom’s story, she complied with his request. The thief has been caught.

After Tom was discharged from the hospital, he attributed all his visions to the effect of painkillers, but after a while he met Taylor in real life. He described the books to her and her cat, but this frightened the girl. Tom got the opportunity to explain everything and get to know each other better only a year later.

Tom is sure that some higher powers decided to send him to the astral plane and thus show him the shortest path to love. He simply could not find another explanation for what happened.


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