Russian colonel predicts Putin might engage in a nuclear war with NATO over Sweden

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Amid escalating tensions surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a

Sweden is in the race to launch European satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- The research rocket was launched from one of the northernmost space centers

Thor’s hammer : A unique ancient amulet was found in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some time ago, archaeological excavations were conducted in Isby (Sweden). Researchers were

New rodent-borne coronavirus discovered in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) -- Bats and pangolins are not the only wild animals carrying new coronaviruses.

Bank voles from Sweden have a new coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) -- It is known that wild animals serve as a natural reservoir for

Sweden and Finland in NATO is a strategic nightmare: that’s why

(ORDO NEWS) -- The entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO is not beneficial for

Scientists from Sweden have created the first organic electrochemical neuron

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers have presented for the first time an artificial neuron based on

Wrecked medieval ship found in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) -- Finding places where medieval ships suffered a catastrophic accident is a great

In Sweden, a tax officer called himself not to work

(ORDO NEWS) -- In order to do nothing during working hours, one of the Swedish

Remains of an Iron Age warrior discovered in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the territory of Battle, which is located on one of the

The mayor of the Swedish city left politics to work on a garbage truck

(ORDO NEWS) -- Ann-Sofie Hermansson was mayor of Gothenburg from 2016 to 2018. It is