Wrecked medieval ship found in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) — Finding places where medieval ships suffered a catastrophic accident is a great success for researchers. This time such a place was found in Sweden, near a small island.

A sunken medieval ship was found at the bottom of the sea near the small island of Dyngö, which is located near the settlement of Fjällbacka, Boguslen province, Jotaland region.

The ship was found thanks to an underwater expedition organized by the University of Gothenburg. They wanted to know more about the famous wrecks in the region. But as a result, a completely new vessel was opened.

Wrecked medieval ship found in Sweden 2

More about the find

Exploring the seabed, archaeologists stumbled upon a previously unknown sunken ship. Having carefully studied it, experts found that the length of the preserved part of the ship’s hull is 10 meters, and the width is 5 meters. Scientists suggest that “during life” the ship had a length of up to 20 meters.

–  Scientists have also established that this ship belongs to the type called “kog” – these were single-masted ships that were used from the 12th century, during the Middle Ages.

– After analyzing the wood of the case, experts found that it was made from strong oak, which was cut down between 1233 and 1240 in West Germany.

– On the hull, archaeologists found evidence of a powerful fire, which probably destroyed the ship. Scientists suggest that this could have been an ordinary accident, or that the ship was attacked by pirates, who in those ancient times were actively engaged in predatory activities in southern Sweden.

Perhaps the find contains valuable artifacts that would expand the understanding of historians about the Middle Ages and its culture. However, further research requires funding, which the University does not yet have.


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