The mayor of the Swedish city left politics to work on a garbage truck

(ORDO NEWS) — Ann-Sofie Hermansson was mayor of Gothenburg from 2016 to 2018. It is the second largest city in Sweden. She could not be re-elected for a second term and decided to leave for an unusual job for the ex-mayor. Thus, Anne shattered many stereotypes and won even more love from people. Reported by Squeekly.

The mayor of the Swedish city left politics to work on a garbage truck 2

Ann-Sophie became a garbage truck driver. She received the license to drive large loads long before her career in politics. Therefore, after the woman left the post of mayor, she got a job as a driver on a garbage truck and does not regret her decision.

The woman admitted that the work of the mayor is very difficult. Politics takes a lot of time and effort. Frequent stress, irregular work schedule – you get tired very quickly from this. There are no such difficulties in a new job.

Ann-Sophie says that she is constantly asked by her acquaintances, residents of the city, and colleagues at work, what is she doing here, at this job? To which the former mayor replies that she earns money, because she needs to pay bills, buy food for something.

Most of all, a woman is happy that now no one criticizes her for her decisions. The pay here is good too.

The ex-politician shares his impressions on Twitter, it is read by more than 12 thousand people. She often uploads photos from work, the posts gain thousands of likes and words of admiration. Very rarely, a person can change his life so drastically, it is worthy of respect.


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