In Sweden, a tax officer called himself not to work

(ORDO NEWS) — In order to do nothing during working hours, one of the Swedish tax officials called himself and allegedly talked for several hours. The Swedish tax agency provided a report stating that the man used his mobile phone, but did not receive calls from clients as expected, but from himself. Due to this, “busy” was constantly displayed in the employer’s system, and the calls intended for him were distributed among the rest of the employees.

Reported by The Epoch Times.

From March 10 until May 5, the man named Andreas dialed his own number 32 times. As a result, he avoided work for 55 hours, which can be compared to a work week. The report noted that some of the calls were very long and took several hours. Now such an inventive employee can be fired.

Andreas’ deception was not immediately noticed due to the fact that he has been working at home since January of this year. In April, attention was drawn to the fact that some calls are very long, especially when compared with the calls of other tax officials. When asked about this, the man immediately confessed everything. He said that when these calls were made, he was not busy with work.

Andreas most likely did not regret what he did and after his confession called his cell phone four more times. In May, he was again summoned to the head. He replied that he did so because he had “too low” motivation to work.


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