Thor’s hammer : A unique ancient amulet was found in Sweden

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, archaeological excavations were conducted in Isby (Sweden). Researchers were able to make a very interesting discovery – they discovered a unique amulet, which was named “Thor’s hammer”.

The fairly thin hammer-shaped amulet was made of lead around the 10th century. The length of the product is approximately 3 cm.

In the upper part of the amulet there is a small hole through which yarn or rope was threaded.

Archaeologists have suggested that this hammer could have been worn around the neck as a protective amulet many centuries ago.

Thor’s hammer is currently considered the only one of its kind. Previously, nothing like this had been found in Halland County.

Scientists say that this amulet was most likely worn directly during the religious transition period.

At that time, local residents were just beginning to become Christians. Perhaps the people did not want to completely part with their Norse gods after Christianity came to Scandinavia.

Most experts assume that almost 1000 years ago some Viking was very against Christianity. That is why he wore an amulet for his own protection.

He needed such “protection” not from demons, but from Christians, although it may seem very ridiculous.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that for the Vikings, who for many centuries worshiped a huge pantheon of Old Norse deities, the “one god” of Christians was something blasphemous.

Quite a lot of ancient coins dating back to the ancient Roman period were also discovered at the site of the archaeological excavations. Some of them were made in the early Iron Age.


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