Permian extinction began with prolonged global warming

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists continue to argue about the causes of extinction at the end

Scientists have found the reason for the record duration of warming during the Permian extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Permian extinction was accompanied by a record-breaking strong and prolonged climate

After the Permian extinction, animals became smarter

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international group of paleontologists concluded that after the Permian extinction, living

Machine learning identified three main drivers of the great Permian extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Earth experienced the most severe extinction in its history 252 million

Last of the crustacean scorpions survived the great Permian extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have described a fossil of Woodwardopterus freemanorum, an arthropod 252 million

Fossil mollusk shells reveal ocean chemistry during the Permian extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists analyzed the structure of the shells of marine mollusks that lived