A little over 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian and the beginning of the Triassic, the reptiles began a very successful streak

(ORDO NEWS) — German archaeologists have discovered Stone Age pottery and medieval burials with swords and jewels on the banks of the Danube River.

The discovery was made on the territory of the modern city of Tuttlingen. She showed that people settled in the area much earlier than was commonly believed, according to Live Science.

The Gutmadingen area was first mentioned in written sources in 1273. But in the course of new excavations, scientists discovered traces of people from the third millennium BC.

Thus, a Neolithic burial was found with items typical of the Corded Ware culture. The culture got its name from an unusual way of decorating pottery. The ancient tribes pressed the cords into the not completely fired clay, creating geometric patterns.

Probably, representatives of this culture were engaged in cattle breeding, growing barley. According to scientists, their burials are extremely rare in southwestern Germany.

The researchers also found 140 early medieval burials dating back to 500-600 AD. Artifacts have been preserved in them: swords, spears, shields, bone combs, earrings and dishes.

Scientists have determined that the necropolis arose a hundred years after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

During this period, massive migrations took place, known as the Great Migration of Nations. Historians consider this era to be transitional between antiquity and the Middle Ages.


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