Encounter with aliens. Imjärvi, Finland – January 7, 1970

(ORDO NEWS) -- The time is 4:45 pm on Wednesday, January 7, 1970, the place

Burial of 8,000-year-old child discovered in Eastern Finland

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the territory of Eastern Finland, a burial place of a small

Burial site of a Stone Age child in Finland held surprises

(ORDO NEWS) -- The burial site of a young child who lived 8,000 years ago

Spectacular waterspouts were observed on both sides of the Gulf of Finland

(ORDO NEWS) -- During the storm in recent days, impressive waterspouts have been recorded on

Most powerful supercomputer in Europe launched in Finland

(ORDO NEWS) -- HPE and EuroHPC have officially launched the LUMI Computing System at the

Sweden and Finland in NATO is a strategic nightmare: that’s why

(ORDO NEWS) -- The entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO is not beneficial for

Finland named the happiest country for the 5 year in a row

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to the World Happiness Report 2022, Finland is the happiest country

Heat from Microsoft’s data center is used to heat houses in Finland

(ORDO NEWS) -- The new technology will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400 thousand tons

Last night, the sky over Finland turned shockingly green

(ORDO NEWS) -- What happened? Earth has crossed a fold in the heliospheric current sheet,

One of the power units of a nuclear power plant in Finland urgently disconnected

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Finnish nuclear power plant Olkiluoto suffered from a serious accident that

Isla storm in Finland

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Finland, because of the storm "Aila" that raged on Thursday night,