Encounter with aliens. Imjärvi, Finland – January 7, 1970

(ORDO NEWS) — The time is 4:45 pm on Wednesday, January 7, 1970, the place is Imjärvi, 15 km northwest of Heinola in southern Finland.

Woodcutter Aarno Heinonen, 36, and farmer Esco Viljo, 38, both active skiers, skied. They went down a small hill to a clearing where they usually take a break. It was sunset and a few stars were visible in the cloudless sky. It was very cold (-17 degrees Celsius) and windless.

They were standing in the clearing for about 5 minutes when they heard a rumble and saw a very strong light moving across the sky. It approached from the north, made a wide circle and headed towards them from the south, descending as it approached.

The faint buzzing sound got louder and louder. The light stopped, and then they saw that a glowing red-gray mist swirled around it. Puffs of smoke rose from the top of the cloud.

Both men stood perfectly still, staring into the air, and said nothing. Soon the cloud descended to a height of 15 m, and they could see what was inside it: a round object, flat on the bottom, metallic in appearance and about 3 m in diameter.


“The round ship hung quite still above us for some time, while the buzzing was still audible, quite low. Then the huge disk began to descend along with the red-gray fog, which became more and more thin and transparent. It stopped at a height of 3- 4 m, so close that I could touch it if I held out a ski pole.

The ship was completely round. When it sank obliquely towards us, we saw that it had a dome on its upper side.

Along the lower edge there was, as it were, a raised part, on which there were three spheres or domes located at an equal distance from each other. From the center of the lower part protruded a pipe with a diameter of about 25 cm, from which an intense beam of light suddenly appeared.

I don’t think we said anything at all to each other. We were completely amazed. We saw how the light moved several times, then stopped and intensively illuminated a patch of snow about a meter in diameter, around which there was a dark edge, almost jet black, 1 cm wide.

I stood completely still. Suddenly, I felt as if someone grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me back. It seems that I took a step back, and in the same second I saw the creature. It stood in the center of the beam of light with a black box in its hands.

From a round hole in the box, yellow pulsing light came out. The creature was about 90 cm tall, with very thin arms and legs. His face was pale as wax. I didn’t notice the eyes, but the nose was very odd, more of a hook than a nose.

The ears were very small and tapered towards the head. The creature was wearing what looked like a jumpsuit made of a light green material.

On her feet were boots of a darker green color that reached above her knees. There were also white gloves up to the elbows, and the fingers were bent like claws around the black box.”

Willo: “The creature stood in the center of a bright light and glowed like phosphorus, but his face was very pale. The shoulders were very thin and sloping, the arms were thin, like a child’s.

I did not pay attention to the clothes, noticing only that they were greenish colors. On the head was a conical helmet, shining like metal. The growth of the creature did not exceed 1 m. ”

Suddenly it turned and pointed the opening of the box towards Heinonen: The pulsating light was very bright, almost blinding. It was very quiet in the forest. Suddenly, a red-gray fog rolled up from the object, and large sparks began to fly out of the illuminated circle of snow.

The sparks were like cones, about 10 cm long, red, green and purple. They flew out in long curves, rather slowly; many of them hit me, but although I expected them to burn me, I felt nothing.

Sparks shimmered in several colors. It was very beautiful. At the same time, the red mist grew thicker and hid the creature. Suddenly it became so dense that I could not see Aarno, although I knew that he was only a few meters away from me.”

Heinonen: “I could only see Esco. The fog was very thick and I couldn’t see the creature anymore.”

Viljo: “I saw the creature for perhaps 15-20 seconds, no more. Suddenly, the beam melted, flew up like a flickering flame, and was sucked into a gap in the ship.

After that, the foggy veil seemed to be torn to pieces. The air above us was empty! I don’t think you can say that we were scared. We laughed and talked about this light. But at the same time, we were a little uneasy.”

They stayed there for about three minutes. Gradually Heinonen felt numbness in his right side. When he stepped forward on skis, his right leg gave out and he fell into the snow.

Heinonen: “My right leg was closest to the light. The whole leg was stiff and sore. The leg was like under anesthesia.”

In Illo: It was getting dark. I asked Aarno if it was time for us to go. I thought he was joking when he sat down in the snow. But then I saw that he couldn’t get up, although he tried again and again.”


Villot had to half carry, half drag his friend to his house, located at a distance of about 3 km. When they came home, Heinonen’s mother says, it was dark outside. They knocked on the door, which they don’t usually do.

“When I opened the door, Aarno was outside, leaning against Esco. I helped them in. Neither of them looked scared, but I could see that Esco’s face was red and swollen. We carried Aarno to the couch.”

Heinonen: “I felt bad. My back hurt, all my joints hurt. I had a headache, and after a while I threw up. When I went to the toilet, the urine was almost black, as if I had poured black coffee on the snow. This went on for several months.”

Viljo: “I hurried to the nearest neighbor who lived about 600 m, he has a telephone. The first two doctors I called could not come, but Dr. Kadzhanoya said that he would meet us at the Heinola clinic in an hour. The neighbor drove us there”.

Heinonen complained to the doctor about sore joints and a headache. The doctor prescribed sleeping pills, and the next day, sedatives, saying that the symptoms would pass in 10 days.

But they continued, and Heinonen could not work, in May he reported that he was still ill, his head and neck hurt, the slightest effort tired him.

The numbness in his right leg was gone, but he still had problems with his balance. His memory was so bad that if he left the house he had to say where he was going so they could pick him up if he didn’t come back. The visit to the scene made him feel worse.

Several people who visited this place, according to Vilho, felt ill for several days after that; he wondered if the place had been contaminated in some way. He, too, suffered from repercussions, including headaches and eye problems. Dr. Pauli Kajanoha reports: “I think the men went through a lot of shock.

Viljo had a very red face and seemed a little swollen. Both seemed distracted. They spoke quickly and incoherently. I couldn’t find anything clinically wrong with Heinonen. He felt not doing well but it could have been a stomach reaction to shock.

The symptoms he described are similar to those after radiation exposure. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a device to measure it. As for black urine, it seems inexplicable. There might have been blood in it, but it can’t go on for months. If blood samples were taken, they could show changes in his blood.”

Both men looked sincere and I don’t think they made it all up. I’m sure they were in a state of shock when they came to see me; Something must have scared them.”

A strange thing happened in June 1970, when both witnesses revisited the place together with a Swedish journalist, photographer and translator; the hands of these people suddenly turned red, and Heinonen had to leave the place due to a severe headache.

Additional evidence

On the same day and at the same time as the skiers, two more people saw a bright light in the sky. The farmer’s wife Elna Siitari in Paistjärvi, about 15 km from Imjärvi, was on her way to the barn when she saw a strange light in the direction of Imjärvi.

In Paaso, 10 km north of Imjärvi, the son of a household was out looking for firewood when he noticed a light phenomenon; it was 4.45 pm.


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