Stoves and fireplaces cause worst air pollution in London since 2017

(ORDO NEWS) — According to studies, burning wood harms the quality of the atmosphere more than vehicle exhaust fumes.

At the same time, even a short-term increase in the concentration of harmful substances affects people’s health.

In the UK capital, air pollution has reached its highest level in six years. The highest levels of atmospheric pollutants were registered in the suburbs in the southwest of the metropolis.

According to Imperial College London, record concentrations of harmful substances in the city were associated with smoke from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

Particle analysis showed that up to 70% of the soot entered the atmosphere from chimneys. Scientists believe that burning wood in the UK pollutes the air more than vehicle emissions.

According to British researchers, even short-term peaks of atmospheric pollution affect people’s health.

According to five years of observation, each such incident leads to an increase in the number of consultations with doctors and the number of cases of prescription of inhalers.

Most often, children suffer from respiratory problems as a result of deteriorating air quality.


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