Statuses in social networks – what are they for ?

(ORDO NEWS) — In this article we will write about statuses in social networks. Now almost everyone who has access to the Internet has their own page on social networks. People spend a lot of time in them.

There are people who make money on this by creating their own “blogs”, “groups” on various topics. Status is a text message by which you can learn a lot of interesting things about a person.

Install them on the personal pages of people. They talk about motives, thoughts, mood. Moreover, many do not think about the meaning of what they write about.

For example, if a person is asked why he wrote this or that phrase on a page, you can usually hear “just like that”, “I don’t know”.

For better understanding, these statements can be divided into small groups. For example, related to work – for example: “I can not speak, only write”.

Provocateurs: for example, a person aims to arouse the interest of visitors to his site; Compassionate – such statuses force sympathy, pity, desire to help.

For example, “in order not to put pressure on pity, I’ll say that everything is fine !; Dedicated to a specific person, these are types of views that are directed to everyone, but it is intended for a specific person.

“Probably the most important thing is to spend time with those who honestly want to spend it with you.”; Musical: can be recommended to friends, or secret provocation.

They also differ in content, may include their own thoughts or other people’s statements, for example, many choose quotes from famous writers and poets.

For example: “People who do not have their own lives always interfere in someone else’s!”. A great way to attract attention to your personality, alert your friends about any events.

Currently, there are many collection sites on various topics: about love, about life, success, happiness, children, parents, with meaning, various wise sayings.

Young people often use them in social networks, as they spend most of their time on the Internet. Couples in love also often use them as a manifestation of their feelings.

For example: “You can fall in love with beauty, but fall in love – only with the soul!” Lonely people stand out to convey a signal to friends so that their attention is turned to them.

Young mothers are obsessed with the phrases “about children” and everything connected with them.

And most importantly, what did psychologists decide and why does a person update phrases in social networks: most likely this is from a lack of attention and communication.


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