Statue of Hercules found at ancient shipwreck off Greek coast

(ORDO NEWS) — New research by archaeologists has helped to find another artifact at the site of a shipwreck that happened many thousands of years ago

Back in the fall of 1900, divers discovered the remains of a ship off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera.

Most likely, it is related to a major shipwreck that occurred in 80–60 BC. Bronze and marble statues, a bronze lyre and fragments of glass vessels were found in the holds of the ship.

The well-known Antikythera mechanism was also found there, a piece of bronze with a gear wheel built into it, which used to be in a wooden case. In fact, this is the oldest analog computer needed for astrological research.

Then the research continued. This year, experts gained access to previously unexplored areas of the ship. There they found a marble head of a statue that depicted a bearded man – most likely Hercules.

They also managed to find two human teeth, now experts will find out who they belonged to.


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