The Great Wall of Hercules – Northern Crown – a supermassive structure in the Universe

(ORDO NEWS) — The Great Wall of Hercules – the Northern Corona (hereinafter referred to as the Great Wall of Hercules) is a supermassive structure in the observable Universe, stretching for about 10 billion light years.

This is very, very much, given the fact that the diameter of the observable universe is 93-94 billion light years. The structure was discovered in November 2013 by a US-Hungarian team of astronomers.

The Great Wall of Hercules is a giant “thread” that includes galaxy clusters connected by gravity. Clusters, in turn, are made up of “galactic families” linked by gravitational bonds.

The great wall of Hercules has absorbed billions of galaxies, quintillions of stars and even more planets!

More than allowed maximum

The length of the Great Wall of Hercules exceeds any theoretical maximum, so for a long time many astronomers believed that this structure is the product of systematic errors made in data processing.

However, by 2020, after analyzing a new and larger data set, several independent teams of researchers still confirmed the existence of a supermassive structure.

The Great Wall of Hercules Northern Crown a supermassive structure in the Universe 2
The Great Wall of Hercules as imagined by an artist. Each bright dot is a galaxy cluster

The European Space Agency THESUS space telescope, which is scheduled to launch in 2032, will try to explain the nature of such a large structure.

The device will study gamma-ray bursts, X-rays, star formation, the evolution of metallicity (the appearance of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium as a result of the evolution of stars) and reionization (the period in the history of the Universe between 550 and 800 million years after the Big Bang), which will significantly expand our knowledge of the young space.

It is worth noting that the Great Wall of Hercules is not the only supermassive structure in the universe. For example, scientists know about the existence of the Huge Group of Quasars, stretching for four billion light years and about the Great Wall of Sloan, 1.37 billion light years long.

Our Universe seems to be striving for a comprehensive unification, which is probably the next stage in its development.


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