Sleep deprivation negatively affects relationships between people

(ORDO NEWS) — Lack of sleep can have a negative impact not only on a person’s health, but also on his social connections with people. This became known from a study by scientists at the University of California at Berkeley.

24 volunteers who did not have health problems took part in the experiment. The study was conducted on participants after eight hours of sleep and without it.

According to the data obtained, lack of sleep causes dysfunction of neurons that are responsible for social interaction and the ability of a person to understand the interlocutor.

The researchers also found that poor sleep quality affects the willingness to help others.

The data was obtained after an experiment in which 100 people took part. Observation of participants’ sleep showed that people were less willing to help after poor sleep.

Before that, psychologist Mark Travers told how you can get rid of nightmares in a dream. Consultation with a psychologist will help to solve the problem.

After suddenly waking up from a nightmare, the specialist advised listening to the smell of aromatic oils, hugging a plush toy, or turning on a calm podcast or audiobook.

In addition, Andrei Kondrakhin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, advised paying special attention to the choice of bed linen.

According to him, formaldehyde, the presence of which in bed linen was revealed by Roskachestvo, can pose a deadly threat to human health, since it tends to change DNA cells.


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