Signs of a diseased liver symptoms not to be ignored

(ORDO NEWS) — A variety of factors can provoke liver problems. Drinking alcohol and having extra pounds are considered the main ones, sometimes a genetic factor is also added. 

The liver performs a huge number of functions in the human body. It not only converts food into energy, but also helps fight various infections, removes toxins, and more.

Britishlivertrust reports.

If you do not pay any attention to the liver, then quite serious diseases can occur:

• Fatty disease resulting from regular alcohol consumption;

• Fatty disease, which is not associated with alcohol and is triggered by the accumulation of fat in the cells;

• Inflammatory processes due to viral hepatitis;

• Autoimmune hepatitis, which is considered the most severe form of the disease.

Quite often, liver pathologies develop with practically no symptoms. Signs may only begin to appear at a later stage. 

Therefore, you need to carefully monitor your condition in order to notice the problem in time and start fixing it. Symptoms that may indicate the presence of liver disease at an early stage include the following:

• Feeling of constant tiredness;

• Lack of appetite;

• Muscular dystrophy and rapid weight loss;

• Nausea and even vomiting;

• Painful sensations in the area of ​​the liver;

• Sleep problems;

• The palms are red and stained;

• Capillaries begin to appear on the skin above the waist.

In the event that any of these symptoms were found, it is worth immediately contacting specialists and examining such an important organ as the liver.


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