Sacred stone discovered in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius

(ORDO NEWS) — Construction work was carried out in the historic center of Rome. The workers found a huge stone there.

Historians managed to establish that about two millennia ago, this stone was used to define the boundaries of the city. It is reported by Live Science.

Pomeranian stone is composed of fine limestone called travertine. It reaches a height of almost two meters. This stone is one of those that enclose the sacred Roman territory, located on two sides of the city wall.

At this place, it was impossible to build houses, bury the dead, carry weapons or engage in agriculture. Rome was separated from other suburbs by a small strip of land.

Archaeologists managed to find ten stones, with the help of which the sacred site was designated. The last stone was found almost a hundred years ago, so the new find was of great interest to specialists.

The stone says that it was installed in 49 BC, when the emperor Claudius ruled. He somewhat expanded the boundaries of the city by adding the Champ de Mars to it.

Scientists believe that the first began to distinguish the sacred borders of the Etruscans, who used to live in this area. It was they who greatly influenced the later life of the Romans. The highlighted area was called Pomeroy. She soon began to enjoy legal status.


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