Megastructures around black holes may indicate alien civilizations

(ORDO NEWS) — Megastructures, called Dyson spheres, can help extraterrestrial civilizations develop rapidly. It remains to discover these objects, and then the aliens themselves.

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Back in the 60s of the last century, Freeman Dyson suggested that civilizations should use their star in order to receive a huge amount of energy.

After that, structures that are capable of generating energy from stars began to be called Dyson spheres.

After some time, it was suggested that advanced civilizations can build similar structures around black holes in order to use their energy.

The latest research by specialists involves the search for such megastructures not around stars, but around black holes. If they can be found, then this will be the best proof that extraterrestrial civilizations really exist.

The Dyson sphere is a special megastructure that so far exists exclusively in theory. It is used to collect energy from the star.

Dyson’s theory says that the rapid development of alien civilizations requires a huge amount of energy and therefore they extract it in this way. This assumption arose in view of the fact that our planet consumes only one billionth of the energy that the sun produces.


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