Side effects of the crisis: the US was left without meat

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — America was left without meat: coronavirus and restrictive measures led to a shortage.

The volume of processing of beef and pork in the United States decreased by almost half compared to last year. In recent weeks, numerous meat processing plants have been closed due to an outbreak of illness among workers.

Poultry production was also affected by the pandemic, but to a lesser extent.

US President Donald Trump, realizing the complexity of the situation, last week issued a decree according to which meat plants should continue their work, despite all the difficulties. Some of them are already returning to work. Nevertheless, consumers still have to deal with meat shortages.

We add that wholesale prices for beef in the States have already skyrocketed to a record. Compared to February lows, the growth has already reached more than 60%.

Jason Lusk, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University:

“We see daily increase in wholesale prices for beef. Prices have already reached levels that we have not seen for at least a couple of decades. Pork prices are also rising. They have not yet reached maximums, but nonetheless. Thus, we see the direct effect of supply shortages at prices.”

Of course, in a situation where many are unemployed and lose income, rising food prices will only exacerbate the economic effect of the crisis.


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