Shortest space flight

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(ORDO NEWS) — On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American to travel into outer space.

Not only did he become the first astronaut in US history, but he also set the world record for the shortest flight into space, which has yet to be broken.

The flight was made on the Mercury-Redstone-3 launch vehicle, which brought the Freedom-7 spacecraft to a ballistic trajectory.

Shepard reached a height of 186.5 kilometers, and his flight time was 15 minutes and 28 seconds.

This flight was notable for the fact that the spacecraft was equipped with a manual control system, which made it possible to maneuver.

For Alan, this was the first, but not the last flight. The next time he went on a trip was as commander of the Apollo 14 mission, which lasted from January 31 to February 9, 1971.

Under his leadership, the lunar landing and exit to the surface of the Earth‘s satellite was carried out.


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