Man jailed in China for scaring chickens to death

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(ORDO NEWS) — It was recently reported that a man was jailed in China for scaring chickens to death.

In a curious court case reported by the country’s state media, a man known only by his surname Gu was sentenced to prison for frightening to death 1,100 chickens belonging to a neighbor with whom he was at odds.

According to media reports, the man scared more than 1,100 chickens, using loud noises and a flashlight to cause panic among the animals.

After the attack, the chickens began to throw themselves at each other and hit their heads against the walls, which led to the death of many of them.

After the incident, local authorities immediately launched an investigation and identified the perpetrator.

He was detained and brought before the court, where he admitted his guilt. The court decided to punish the man with six months’ imprisonment with one year’s probation.

Chinese authorities said the cost of 1,100 dead chickens was estimated at a total of 13,840 yuan ($3,019).

In China, animal cruelty carries severe penalties, including imprisonment. In addition, in recent years, laws have been introduced in the country aimed at protecting the rights of animals and preventing cruelty to them.


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