She opened her eyes and began to breathe: in India, a woman came to life at her funeral

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 17, Yasmin Banu, a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, suddenly fainted. In the hospital where the woman was taken, there was a misunderstanding with the doctors, as a result of which the relatives had already organized a funeral. Everyone froze when Yasmin began to breathe during the ceremony.

The brother first took Yasmin to a state hospital, but there were no places there. The only way out was to go to a private clinic.

There, doctors took 130 thousand rupees in advance for the operation and told to take the woman home for now, since her brain had died. The relatives decided that it would not be possible to return the family member, so they arranged a funeral.

Almost before the burial in the ground, the incredible happened: the woman opened her eyes and began to breathe. The pulse was in order, all the participants in the ceremony dispersed in shock.

Doctors from the clinic noted that they said to simply take the Indian woman home and wait for the operation. A misunderstanding arose, as a result of which the woman could be buried alive. Today, Yasmin is doing well, she lives a full life.


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