Darkness and cold: the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war are named

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts at Rutgers University in the United States have analyzed the dire consequences of the possible use of nuclear bombs in the equatorial Pacific. Thus, fish resources will be reduced several times, and the climate will change.

Scientists have simulated possible scenarios for the development of events in the event of the use of nuclear weapons. A conflict, by the way, could start between the US and Russia or India and Pakistan.

It is estimated that 40% of the algae will die, and the fish catch will decrease significantly. The territories will be engulfed in fires, millions of tons of soot will enter the atmosphere, which will block the sun’s rays.

The worst result would be an El NiƱo-like phenomenon that lasted seven years. A cold snap will occur, which will minimize precipitation in the equatorial zone of Africa and between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Cold waters will rise in the Pacific Ocean, disrupting ecosystems. The number of marine life and fish will decline due to the disruption of food webs.

The new study refutes past claims that if nuclear weapons are used, humans will be able to survive on the resources of the oceans.


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