A man froze a dead wife for 50 years to resurrect her in the future

(ORDO NEWS) — Zhan Wenlian, 49, suffered from lung cancer. The disease progressed so much that metastases spread to the brain. The woman no longer spoke or even moved her face. At this moment, the Chinese Guy Junming came up with the idea to freeze his wife.

The man asked Zhan to squeeze his hand if she didn’t mind the freezing procedure. The woman did not refuse, her grip was strong. On March 8, 2017, a Chinese woman’s heart stopped. The operation to prepare for freezing lasted 55 hours. Gui watched his wife for the last time. The impression was that she was sleeping.

A woman will stay in a cryogenic tank for half a century. The tank contains 2 thousand liters of liquid nitrogen. The temperature is -196 ° C. In history, there have been no cases of reviving people, so scientists do not understand the meaning of freezing bodies. The only thing is that people retain their appearance, so after a while you can say goodbye to them again.


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