Professor explains why ‘Oumuamua’ could be alien technology

(ORDO NEWS) — Avi Loeb, who is a professor at Harvard, compared modern science and the sensational interstellar object Oumuamua, with a Neanderthal man who ended up with a phone.

Avi Loeb wrote a huge number of scientific books, but still some time ago he proposed a rather controversial hypothesis. He is confident that the interstellar object is in fact alien technology.

On this occasion, the professor even released a book in which he began to argue that Oumuamua was created by an intelligent civilization.

In an earlier article, Loeb and his graduate student suggested that the object might actually be a spacecraft with a special solar sail.

Many scientists reacted extremely negatively to the professor’s theory. Some believe that in this way Loeb wanted to advertise himself, and some also thought that the professor was not himself and he saw solar sails everywhere.

Some time after the presentation of this theory, scientists published another article in which they refuted the assumption of Professor Loeb and proved that Oumuamua is of natural origin.


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