Scientists told whether alcohol affects the development of cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists to date have provided a huge amount of evidence that alcohol can cause a person to develop several different types of cancer.

After the alcoholic drink enters the human body, it turns into a very dangerous substance called acetaldehyde.

It damages DNA, prevents cells from fully recovering and makes them more vulnerable to various pathologies. Certain parts of the body are primarily susceptible to the development of cancer due to alcohol.

Reported by The Express.

Research by specialists has shown that regular consumption of alcoholic beverages can trigger the development of neck and head cancer.

Also at risk are organs such as the larynx, mouth, esophagus, liver, chest and intestines. It is worth noting that even if you consume alcohol in moderation, it can still trigger the onset of oncology.

The reason for this harm in alcohol is not only that it turns into acetaldehyde. It is able to alter insulin and estrogen levels.

When there are too many of these hormones in the body, cells begin to divide more actively, which increases several times the chances that cancer cells can begin to develop as well. Also, cells become less protected and therefore it is much easier for harmful substances to penetrate them.


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