US intelligence is close to solving the mystery of the origin of the coronavirus

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(ORDO NEWS) — US intelligence received data on 22 thousand different viruses, which were studied over time in the Wuhan laboratory.

They were removed by Chinese officials from the official database in the fall of 2019, and after a while the official outbreak of the coronavirus began. Reported by CNN.

Experts believe that with the help of the data obtained, they will be able to establish exactly what origin the coronavirus has and whether a person is involved in the pandemic, or is the disease transmitted from animals.

The problem in this case is that many of the recordings are in Chinese.

American intelligence agencies not only need to find experienced specialists who know the Chinese language, but also first make sure that they can really be trusted.

Supercomputers located in the laboratories of the US Department of Energy were also involved in the analysis of the data. In addition, specialists from 17 different institutes are involved.

Today, many experts are confident that the coronavirus is of artificial origin.

Some time before the pandemic began, several lab workers in Wuhan sought medical attention due to the fact that they were very sick. Presumably, it was they who became the first victims of the virus, which at that time was studied or developed in laboratory conditions.


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