A lion cub was found in Siberia, which lived in the ice age

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(ORDO NEWS) — The lion cub, which was found in the permafrost, was preserved in perfect condition. Its age is about 28 thousand years, but at the same time, not only its wool, but even its mustache remained intact. Reported by CNN.

The remains were found in Yakutia. Several years ago, a lion cub from the Ice Age was already found here, but it is not so well preserved. Both babies even got names – Boris and Sparta. Initially, experts assumed that the calves belonged to the same litter, but after careful analysis, it was possible to establish that Boris is almost 15 thousand years older than Sparta.

At the same time, the second lion cub died about 28 thousand years ago. Professor Dalen noted that this is one of the best preserved remains.

All internal organs, teeth, soft tissues and skin have been preserved in Sparta in excellent condition. All the claws were in place and therefore the lion cub had to be studied very carefully so as not to be scratched, because they are very sharp.

At the moment, experts cannot say with certainty how exactly Sparta died, but it happened very quickly. The animal has damage to the skull, ribs and some other bones.

Until today, experts cannot understand how exactly the lions managed to adapt to the harsh conditions that were present in Siberia during the Ice Age.

They did not have such a thick coat to withstand severe frost. Although the small individuals had a very good undercoat, which, most likely, protected the babies.


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