Scientists start growing lung tissue in the lab

(ORDO NEWS) — German and American specialists have created a new method for growing lung tissue. Thanks to him, the treatment of respiratory diseases will be even faster and more effective.

Experts from the US and Germany have developed a new approach that makes it possible to grow lung tissue from just a few cells. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Physiology.

According to the authors of the scientific work, the new method is simple and cheap. In addition, it perfectly repeats the biological features of real lungs.

Thanks to this, specialists will be able to study how the development of lung tissue occurs and what changes affect it.

Scientists start growing lung tissue in the lab 2

During the work on the creation of organoids, experts used human lung epithelial cells created in the laboratory, and then added the Wnt R-spondin 2 agonist (RSPO2) and the bone morphogenetic protein antagonist Noggin to them 14 days later.

This method will reduce the need to turn to animal experiments to study genetic diseases of the lungs and the development of lung tissue.

In addition, it will make it possible to create an individual treatment for each patient and even grow lung tissues of individual patients in the laboratory.


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