Scientists revealed the danger of paper cups for coffee

(ORDO NEWS) — Swedish scientists conducted a large-scale study and proved that paper cups have absolutely the same harmful effect on human health as plastic ones. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

For many years, defenders of nature and the environment have been fighting against plastic, urging humanity to abandon the use of dishes made of this material.

Thus, many establishments, in particular coffee shops, began to support the initiative of environmentalists and sell drinks in paper cups. But this, according to scientists from Gothenburg University in Sweden, does not help either nature or man in any way.

Experts claim that paper cups have the same toxicity as plastic ones. And all because of a thin film, thanks to which the container becomes waterproof.

Specialists conducted experiments with insects, exposing them to water and soil, which were intentionally contaminated by scientists with this film. As a result, insect larvae received various defects. Similar risks, according to experts, may exist for humans and other species of animals.

The toxicity is explained by the presence of UV stabilizers, flame retardants, plasticizers and nonylphenol in the composition of the film. These chemicals have a negative impact on the endocrine system, provoke the emergence of various diseases and negatively affect the growth and development of the human body.

Scientists recommend avid coffee drinkers to come to establishments with their own containers in order to protect themselves and the environment from the toxic effects of harmful substances.


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