The world has faced the difficulties that scientists warned about 40 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — 40 years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency warned of the serious dangers that could arise if no action was taken to combat climate change. This is reported by Science Alert.

Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is already causing changes in the environment, and the main reason for this is human activity. Melting glaciers and problems in agriculture are just the beginning of what could happen. Future changes depend on how quickly we realize our responsibility and take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the September 1983 report of the US Environmental Protection Agency, “Can we delay global warming?” it is emphasized that if adequate measures are not taken in response to climate change, agricultural conditions will be seriously altered and ecological and economic systems may be disrupted. After decades of inaction, we are seeing many of the EPA’s dire predictions become reality.

The report indicates that by 2050 the average temperature will rise by 2 °C compared to pre-industrial levels. It may seem like just two degrees is a small change. However, this is a critical number that will have global consequences.

The consequences of rising temperatures are obvious. High temperature changes atmospheric currents, causes fires, melting glaciers and floods, negatively affects flora and fauna, and leads to the extinction of fish. All this happens when the temperature rises by only 1.1 °C.

When it reaches the predicted 2 °С, we can expect such serious consequences as disruption of the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean, destruction of coral ecosystems, loss of nutrients in food products and reduction of crop yields.

In recent decades, humanity has begun to realize the consequences of global warming, but still not enough is being done to mitigate these consequences. Further delay can lead to serious consequences in the future.


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