Scientists link male pattern baldness to sugary drinks

(ORDO NEWS) — Carbonated drink lovers beware! Sounds like your overly sweet drinks may be linked to hair loss.

There is a clear link between sugary drinks and hair loss in men, according to a new study published by Tsinghua University in Beijing.

The main culprits for male pattern baldness are soft drinks, artificially sweetened juices, and energy drinks.

In other words, anything that is really tasty to drink can lead to hair loss.

A study published in the journal Nutrients is hardly the first to inform about the negative impact of sugary drinks on human health.

And, it is worth noting that doctors have long suspected a connection between excess sugar in the body and hair loss.

But a broader study of this connection is intriguing.

In 2022, researchers at China‘s Xinhua University’s Vanke School of Public Health surveyed 1,028 men aged 18 to 45 in mainland China asking them questions about:

  • How often and how much they drink sweetened drinks
  • Do they have health problems
  • Whether they smoke or drink alcohol
  • Have or have had hair loss problems

The results were amazing. The researchers found that respondents with male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) drank an average of 4,293 milliliters (almost 4.2 liters) of sugary drinks per week, while respondents without signs of baldness drank an average of 2,513 milliliters of sugary drinks per week.

Scientists link male pattern baldness to sugary drinks 2

The authors of the study suggested that androgenetic alopecia may be due to the fact that sugary drinks increase blood sugar levels.

Diabetologists agree with this theory because, based on their experience, elevated blood sugar does appear to be linked to hair loss, and sugary drinks are a major risk factor for developing or worsening diabetes.

Given that this study linking sugary drinks and male pattern baldness is preliminary, the authors note that an in-depth study of this issue is needed.

However, it seems like it’s time to cut your consumption of sugary drinks by at least half.


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