Scientists have solved the mystery of the 1000-year-old golden mask

(ORDO NEWS) — A gold mask was found in Peru on the head of a skeleton during the excavation of one of the tombs.

The artifact was found in the early 90s. Then the scientists were surprised by the fact that the skeleton itself was decapitated and painted in red paint.

The head lay next to the remains, covered by a gold mask painted with the same paint. For a long time they did not know what it was on the bones and the mask, but now the secret was solved.

Archaeologists say that the tomb belonged to a person who held a high position in society. He was a representative of the Sikan culture (750-1375 AD).

In addition to the remains, 1.2 tons of various funeral paraphernalia and the skeletons of four more people were also found at the burial site.

They could belong to his servants. This often happened when a high-ranking person was buried together with those who served him. At the same time, they were killed.

Scientists were surprised by the fact that the red paint did not lose its color after a thousand years of “storage”.

Then they did not begin to conduct analysis and study the composition of the substance. They thought it was cinnabar. This is the name of a mineral consisting of sulfur and mercury.

Recently, scientists wondered why no one had investigated the composition, and decided to do so. After all, it could be another substance. Then we would learn much more about the culture of these people.

The analysis revealed 6 types of proteins that are in human blood. In addition, egg whites of some birds, possibly ducks, were also found.

Experts believe that applying paint to the body of the deceased was a ritual component of burials.

According to the beliefs of the Sekan culture, a person was reborn after death. Such washing was most likely done in order for the soul to enter a new body.


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