A powerful wave of coronavirus is gaining momentum in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Right now, when most of the European world is preparing for the New Year, a new wave of coronavirus is gaining momentum in China.

The number of people infected per day breaks all records, and the medical staff can barely cope with such a huge flow of patients.

3 years have passed since the first outbreak of the coronavirus, and now the situation may repeat itself.

In China, a huge number of infected people are recorded every day. The situation is worsened by the fact that doctors are also sick.

During these years, the fight against a dangerous disease did not stop. New hospitals were built around the world that were specifically designed for people with Covid.

China has become the absolute leader in the number of measures taken to fight the virus.

The strictest quarantine restrictions were in effect here, people took a test every day and sat at home without the right to go outside.

And now, three years later, the terrible scenario is repeating itself again.

Experts say that the epidemic has returned because China did not conduct a full-fledged vaccination campaign. Therefore, due to the lack of herd immunity, this country again plunged into chaos.

The terrible situation was repeated again in Wuhan. A huge number of infections among medical workers is noted here.

Because of this, the situation is very difficult, there are not enough hands in hospitals to provide assistance to everyone.

Surgeons and other specialists are called to work with coronavirus , although this is strictly prohibited. Experts say that 80-90% of medical personnel are infected with a dangerous virus.

The authorities were forced to lock people in their homes again. Because of this, protests began.

Police work 24/7 to prevent protesters from destroying cities. Employers do not pay wages to people who have been locked up during the lockdown.

The medical community is also outraged. A 23-year-old medical student died during a work shift. In the official protocol, the cause of death is a heart attack.

Colleagues of the boy claim that he died of overwork. Will the disaster go beyond China’s borders, that’s what the world public is now interested in.


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