Scientists have identified another symptom of “Omicron”

(ORDO NEWS) — American specialists managed to identify a completely new symptom of Omicron. It is pain in the ears. They note that in some situations this may be the only manifestation of infection.

The researchers noted that users who use a special application for epidemiological research began to say that they are experiencing pain in the ears much more often. This application is called ZOE Covid Symptom Study.

At the same time, the most common signs of Omicron include a runny nose, severe fatigue and weakness, headaches, lack of appetite, and a change in smell.

Peter Chin-Hong of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is a specialist who has been studying infectious diseases for quite some time.

He spoke about the fact that ear pain can be triggered by the fact that the respiratory tract is affected, which in turn are located in close proximity to the mouth, nose and ears. Therefore, it quickly penetrates into these places.

The doctor added that often the signs of internal infection go unnoticed and mainly only external symptoms appear. Stanford University researchers have done some interesting tests on a model of the inner ear that has been affected by COVID-19.

They wanted to learn more about the impact of a dangerous virus on the state of the auditory system. It was possible to establish that Omicron actually leads to problems with the ears, provokes pain directly in the inner ear, which is not perceived by many people as a sign of coronavirus.

Dr. Konstantin Stankovich advises not to leave the problem unattended. It is necessary to immediately take a test for covid in order to establish the presence of infection in the body in time.


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