Scientists have found out what awaits people if the Earth stops rotating for 5 seconds

(ORDO NEWS) — What will happen to the Earth if it stops rotating for at least 5 seconds? Will people feel it? Should we expect any cataclysms? Scientists talked about a possible scenario of events.

Our planet rotates because there are no forces in space to slow it down. This rotation gives us day and night.

It is hard to believe, but for the first time the planet began to rotate around its axis 4.6 billion years ago. This continuous movement guarantees order. And what will happen if it is removed for a moment?

The wind – it will not disappear anywhere, on the contrary, it will intensify and cause the strongest storms, which not all mankind will be able to survive.

For example, at the equator, the wind speed will reach 1670 km/h. This is quite enough to tear the earth’s crust to pieces.

In New Zealand, the wind will be slightly weaker, and will reach a speed of 1180 km/h. For comparison, the speed of a tornado is two times less.

If the rotation stops, the Earth will take the shape of a perfectly flat sphere, not the elliptical shape it is now.

At the same moment, the water that gathered in the center of the equator will begin to spread to the poles. Giant tsunamis should be expected. Together with the strongest wind, they will not leave a chance for survival.

And these are the consequences of only 5 seconds. If the rotation resumes, everything will calm down and be as before, although not.

This period of time will be enough to destroy the population of the Earth and its nature. If you think about the safest places on the planet, these are: the South and North Poles.

Of course, living there is difficult, in fact impossible. This is what researchers at polar stations say, so you should not even consider such an option for evacuation.

Fortunately, scientists say that such a danger should not be expected in the next 2 billion years.


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