Scientists have found out, people with which blood type live longer

(ORDO NEWS) — The Japanese try to learn as much as possible about different blood types. With their help, they make horoscopes, get a job and even marry. In addition, they are researching which blood type people live longer and get sick less often.

Japanese experts note that people with A (II), B (III) and AB (IV) blood groups are more likely to get pancreatic cancer when compared with type 0 (I).

Similar conclusions were made after an eight-year study in which 100,000 people took part. The results of the study were further confirmed by additional surveys that scientists conducted in China, the USA, and Italy.

If we talk about other diseases, then the risk of their occurrence depends on the blood type. Experts note that this difference in the likelihood of the occurrence of the disease has developed for several reasons.

The first reason is the presence of immunity in humans. The second is that each individual pathogen prefers a certain type of blood.

An example would be E. coli, which provokes serious food poisoning. It consists of substances belonging to type A.

That is why the body of people with the second blood group will not be able to produce the necessary antibodies so that the infection does not get inside.

In this regard, the carriers of the second group are too prone to all sorts of food poisoning. The best immunity is considered in people with 1 blood type.

Type A causes a 1.5-fold increase in the development of thrombosis, which provokes myocardial infarction and the brain. More often people with blood type 2 are faced with diabetes mellitus, which can also provoke a heart attack.

Carriers of the 3rd group are located in the second position in terms of the strength of their immunity, but at the same time, there are quite a few pathogens that prefer type B.

It is worth fearing lung diseases, for example, pneumonia. There is also a higher risk of contracting tuberculosis. Some E. coli and Salmonella pose a threat to type B.

After the study, it was found that people with the first blood group are considered to be carriers of the strongest immunity and are less likely to experience most diseases than others.

That is why they began to call it the “longevity group.” At the same time, there is also a small problem. People with type 1 blood are more likely to experience stomach ulcers than others.


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