Scientists told whether magnetic storms affect human health

(ORDO NEWS) — Magnetic storms do not actually affect human health, but can cause a huge amount of inconvenience and serious problems.

The only ones they can harm are pilots and astronauts. It is worth noting that none of the cosmic bodies can affect the health and well-being of people.

Sometimes the magnetic activity inside the Sun causes violent solar storms. During them, the solar wind becomes much stronger, there are explosions, or solar flares.

They send tons of energy through space at the speed of light, sometimes accompanied by huge solar eruptions – coronal mass ejections.

Under the influence of emissions and flares, a magnetic storm occurs – this is a period of rapid change in the Earth‘s magnetic field. It can last from several hours to days.

Scientists conducted a study and found that, in fact, magnetic storms cannot affect the health and well-being of a person.

This can be explained by the fact that people on the surface of our planet are reliably protected not only by the magnetic field, but also by the atmosphere. Therefore, no solar flares can harm them.

Experts have found that the threat is not the geomagnetic storms themselves, but radiation itself. Astronauts who are on the ISS, in most cases, are completely safe, because the station is located quite low in orbit. The threat to life occurs during a spacewalk, if this happens during a magnetic storm.

The magnetic field encounters very rapid changes, which leads to disruption of radio communications, poor functioning of GPS, and problems in the operation of power plants and transformers.

Satellite electronics is also under threat. Strong magnetic storms can ionize the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, which affects the operation of satellites.


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