Scientists have explained why it is harmful to delay the time on the alarm clock

(ORDO NEWS) — As the survey showed, 57% of people, after the first ringing of the alarm clock, postpone it for another 5 minutes, and more, and more. Sleep researchers say this is a very bad habit. Read more about why you can’t move the alarm clock.

Neuroscientists from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana said that the alarm clock disrupts a person’s sleep cycles . Each delay of it for 5, 10, 15 minutes makes further awakening difficult.

For example, when a person snoozes the alarm for some time after the first ring, they actually re-immerse their body in sleep, and the cycle is interrupted at shorter intervals.

The head of the study, Stephen Mattingly, decided to find out if such a nap really has a bad effect on the body.

To do this, he and his group gathered 450 adults and studied their condition after repeated awakenings, sleep habits and other aspects.

Thus, researchers found that women tolerate the alarm clock more often than men.

Also, those people who do not mind taking a nap were less active during the day than those who woke up at the first call. People who like to take a nap are more likely to have sleep disorders .

It is not worth talking about a direct cause-and-effect relationship in this case, but this is interesting: the main reason why people did not wake up after the first call they call “the comfort of the bed.” Also, among the frequent answers was “impossibility to get up after the alarm.”

In future studies, Mattingly wants to examine the pros and cons of waking up to an alarm clock. To understand how strongly it affects the level of anxiety, stress resistance, activity and good mood of people.

He is particularly interested in the effects of repeated calls because they are the ones that affect anxiety.


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