Egyptian archaeologists have found the tomb of Pharaoh Teti

(ORDO NEWS) — In Egypt, archaeologists found a tomb filled with treasures. It belonged to Pharaoh Teti. The treasury contained a huge number of artifacts associated with another famous young pharaoh.

100 years after the opening of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun , archaeologists discovered another grand find.

Coffins and papyri, jewels, and many other ancient artifacts have been found around the Saqqara necropolis in Giza.

At a depth of 20 meters, right under the Egyptian pyramids, everything was preserved in excellent condition.

The mummy will be exhumed and sent for x-ray examination. The relics will be exhibited in the Great Egyptian Museum in Giza. They are planned to be put on public display in 2023.

Pharaoh Teti is known to have ruled for 12 years between 2300 and 2181 BC. He was the first king of the Sixth Dynasty.

About 300 coffins were found around the aunt’s pyramid. Each of them has enough substances inside for research.

Surprisingly, the recently discovered tomb turned out to be associated with Tutankhamun. This boy pharaoh ascended the throne as a nine-year-old child and ruled for 10 years.

Due to health problems, the young man died young. His tomb was discovered in 1922, and 100 years later they found another tomb, already of a completely different ruler, but with papyri in which the name Tutankhamun is mentioned.

Little is known about Teti. He was revered and respected, many people close to the pharaoh expressed a desire to be buried next to this person. He was buried with honors, there are a lot of jewels, statuettes, and papyri in the tomb.

The famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass is sure that Saqqara still has a lot of treasures. Excavation cannot be stopped here. Necropolis will surprise the whole world many times.


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