Scientists have created the reddest material

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(ORDO NEWS) — Physicists in Singapore have created a red material with a record-breaking color saturation.

In terms of physics, saturation is characterized by the spectral density inside and outside the range that corresponds to some color.

When it is zero, the color is maximally saturated. It is interesting that in nature this is not achieved with red. Even the red feathers of tropical birds are not completely red: they have blue or green components in their spectra.

Scientists were able to create a red material with a record saturation. The researchers were able to correctly choose the shape and location of two silicon nanoantennas that maintain quasi-bound states in a continuum.

The scientists had to grow a layer of amorphous silicon on a quartz substrate, from which they etched an array of nanoantennas of the desired shape.

It is noted that the resulting red color has gone beyond the triangle on the chromatic diagram used in the sRGB standard.


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