Textual voice material Adventures are Quiet Thriving in Interactive Fiction Competition – and On Threads

Today saw the end of IFComp.org's 29th annual text adventure competition (now administered by the

Protein armor: Chemists have a new material that can stop supersonic impact

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of scientists from the University of Kent has created and

Scientists have named the most durable material on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have recorded the highest impact strength for a metal alloy of

Created a material that, under the influence of light, turns from soft to hard

(ORDO NEWS) -- The unique material is 10 times stronger than natural rubber. For the

Mimosa suggested the idea of ​​a material capable of passive cooling and heating

(ORDO NEWS) -- The temperature-sensitive structure folds and unfolds like mimosa leaves. As a result,

Scientists have created the reddest material

(ORDO NEWS) -- Physicists in Singapore have created a red material with a record-breaking color

With a little help, new optical material assembles itself

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Two-dimensional polymer helps create a new lightweight material that is stronger than steel

(ORDO NEWS) -- Using a novel polymerization process, MIT chemical engineers have created a new

Too much heavy metals in the material of stars slows down their further production.

(ORDO NEWS) -- The stars are giant factories for the production of elements in the