Scientists found that gray hair can be restored

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists shared the results of the latest study and made a rather interesting statement. Under the influence of certain factors, gray hair can return to its original color.

Hair becomes gray not only as a result of a person’s aging, but due to the fact that regular stresses are present. Specialists were able to find out that this process can be reversed and the hair will again become its original color.

In a new study, conducted by scientists from Columbia University and the Medical School of the University of Miami, it was possible to prove that gray hair can be returned to color. If gray hair is the result of experienced stress, then after a person removes the causes that provoked him, his hair will soon recover.

Experts conducted a study of melanin and parts of proteins, as well as what kind of role these substances play and how they affect hair color. Volunteers provided hair samples in the amount of 400 pieces so that specialists could conduct a scientific experiment. It was found that gray hair resulting from stress is present only at the ends of the hair and in length. In this case, the roots remain a natural natural color.

This is evidence that gray hair did not appear as a result of age-related changes in the human body, but because of the negative effects of stress. After stressful situations have been eliminated, the hairs begin to gradually return to their original color. This hypothesis of experts was confirmed by a survey of volunteers. Some of them said that the last periods of their lives were quite difficult. But after everything normalized and the problems were resolved, the gray hair gradually began to disappear.


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