Coronavirus in China: infected number in January almost 40 times more than official data

(ORDO NEWS) — In fact, the number of coronavirus infected in China was about 37 times more than officially reported by the authorities. This conclusion was made by the American research center RAND Corporation after air transportation was studied.

Specialists collected information on cases of infection from Johns Hopkins University and combined it with the obtained air traffic data. They managed to calculate the approximate number of infected passengers.

According to official statistics, in January an average of 172 new cases of infection were recorded every day. This means that for every 8 million people in China per day, there was only one infected person.

Scientists analyzed five countries that were most at risk most. In January, almost 3.7 million people went from China to China. If the official data were true, then the risk of transporting coronavirus to other countries would not exceed 9%. But taking into account the number of people who became infected in January in other countries, the rate of imported cases reaches 87%. To get such an indicator, the actual level of coronavirus infection in China must exceed 37 times the official data.

This means that in January there should have been almost 19 thousand infected residents in China. The authorities made official statements only regarding the registration of 503 cases. Specialists plan to conduct additional research to obtain more accurate figures and indicators that will prove that China actually deceived the whole world.


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