Planetologist believes life was on Mars in the past

(ORDO NEWS) — If you look at the photo of the surface of Mars, then the planet seems dry and dusty. At first glance, life simply cannot exist on it.

If we take into account scientific data, then we can understand that Mars was not always like this and before it was present not only in a mild climate, but also in a fairly dense atmosphere, and liquid water was present on the surface. Recent data indicate that comfortable living conditions on Mars have been present for several billion years.

This time would be enough for the simplest life to arise on the planet.

Most experts are sure that someone really lived on the Red Planet, but they have to put as much effort as possible to prove this fact. Additionally, data obtained using the NASA Curiosity Mars rover are additionally used and, it seems, the scientists managed to get really good results.

At the moment, the rover is located in the crater of Gale, which is actually the bottom of an old dried lake. Experts believe that this place is just perfect for collecting evidence that life once existed there.

“Gale Crater was filled with water that had not dried for millions of years. This place was not accidentally chosen for research conducted by the rover. The data that we have already been able to collect today fully prove that life was definitely on Mars,” says Christopher House.

From time to time, specialists receive new soil samples. In the latter, they discovered sulfate. This may be evidence that the rock has interacted with water even after it has dried. When the crater dried up, most of the water went under the surface of Mars, where it formed a subsurface water system. This system has existed for several billion years.

Pyrite was also found in the samples. This is a mineral of sulfide origin, which can be formed only with the help of organic components. Such a finding is proof that once upon a time there was still organic matter on Mars. Also on the Red Planet from time to time methane emissions are recorded, which prove the presence of the simplest forms of life.


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