Scientists find secret escape tunnel in Hitler’s bunker

(ORDO NEWS) — Inside his bunker, Adolf Hitler had a kind of escape tunnel. Such conclusions were made by experts after having studied the maps of the capital.

Hitler spent the last days before his death in his bunker. Only after the Red Army was as close to the capital as possible did he eat cyanide, and then also shot himself. After the center of Berlin was taken by storm, Hitler was found dead under the Reich Chancellery, which was completely autonomous and contained 18 rooms, had a separate electricity and water supply. But this story began to be doubted by many after the materials were declassified by the FBI. Rumors began to circulate that Hitler had escaped to Argentina. Observations over time for this country were used as evidence.

In The Hunt for Hitler, it is said that scientists made an incredible breakthrough in how the Fuhrer managed to escape the bunker before April 30, 1945. Investigators Lenny De Paul and Sasha Keil found a new escape route from the bunker, which was previously unknown to anyone. At the same time, one of the classified files says that the Luftwaffe pilot Peter Baumgart flew from the capital on April 29, 1945. This can be proof that Hitler still managed to escape from Berlin.

For the past 15 years, scientists did not know that the bunker could have some other way out. It is worth noting that in recent years, a huge number of additional tunnels have been discovered that no one knew about. Despite the fact that it was shown in the series, in turn, the FBI claims that this information cannot be verified.

It is worth noting that three years ago, Philippe Charlier confirmed that a fragment of the jawbone discovered near the bunker fully matches the picture that Hitler took in 1944. After that, Chartier said that there should be no doubt that Hitler died in Berlin in 1945.


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