The scientist spoke about the last minutes of human life

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Sam Parnia said that dying is very “pleasant” and that this process can be called “peaceful”.

The specialist also said that many people who have near-death experiences said they saw their deceased relatives. At the same time, the scientist added that, first of all, death is not a sensation, but a completely natural physical process. The brain of a dying person stops receiving blood saturated with oxygen, which leads to the disconnection of circuits important for its work. As a result of this, a person leaves this world, and his consciousness is completely turned off.

All life processes in the body stop after cardiac arrest, which ceases to supply blood not only to the organs, but also to the brain. The person stops completely moving, which indicates the onset of death.

Dr. Parnia said that there is a certain mental process. People who once experienced the approach of death may later begin to strive for it again. When a person dies, the experience becomes pleasant for most people. The scientist claims that this process is comfortable and peaceful, so many people again want to experience those emotions and sensations that they have already experienced.

People who have near-death experiences reported that they felt a warm and bright light that attracted them like a magnet. The expert added that those people whom the specialists managed to rescue repeatedly said that they did not want to go back.

Some also described how they separated from their bodies and watched everything from the side. Another part of people who survived the near-death experience said that they reviewed everything that happened to them throughout their lives.


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