Scientists find it harder for women to breathe during training

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found that women have a harder time breathing during exercise. They spend more effort on this simple process.

This conclusion was reached by researchers from the University of Waterloo. They conducted an experiment in which volunteers – men and women – practiced on a stationary bike for several days. The subjects breathed a gas mixture from a special container.

Each day the mixture was different: either with ordinary air, or with a mixture of helium and oxygen. Participants were also equipped with a device to track pressure in the esophagus. Thanks to this, scientists could determine how much effort is spent on breathing.

The experiment showed that when inhaling a mixture of helium and oxygen, the efforts exerted by men and women were the same. However, when breathing air, women began to make more efforts.

Scientists explained this by the fact that the air is denser, turbulence occurs in its flow, especially when we breathe often (after training). Turbulence depends not only on speed, but also on the width of the stream. In women with narrow airways, turbulence begins earlier, so it is harder for them to breathe.


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