Giant asteroid will cross the Earth’s orbit

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Potentially dangerous asteroid 136795 1997 BQ flies towards the Earth. Very soon, on May 22, it will fly as close to our planet as possible.

According to astronomers, the dimensions of the body reach 1.49 km. The minimum distance to Earth will be a little more than 6 million kilometers. This is even closer than the asteroid 136795 1997 BQ flew last month on the 29th. The speed of the approaching body is 12 km / s.

The object was discovered on January 16, 1997, shortly after some research, it was attributed to the Apollo group. This time, the orbits of the Earth and the cosmic “stone” coincide, which is fraught with some danger.

At NASA, dangerous asteroids include bodies whose dimensions exceed 140 meters, and the distance to our planet is less than 7.5 million km. The object moving towards us fully meets these criteria.


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